Parents who divorce or are otherwise not together must negotiate terms on when each party will get to spend time with their kids. When people use the word visitation, they are often referring to the noncustodial parent’s ability to visit with the children.

Creating a parenting schedule can be a complicated aspect of any divorce and may be difficult for any unmarried couple. If you are seeking time with your children, speak to a West Lake Hills visitation lawyer. Your family attorney could help you recognize your rights as a parent.

Creating a Visitation Schedule

Possession and access schedules detail the terms for who spends time with children in separated families. If the parents can agree to a schedule, then a judge will review the terms to ensure it meets the best interests of the child standard. However, in some situations, parents cannot agree on how to divide the time with their children.

In these cases, judges often suggest the parties use a standard possession order. These schedules allow a noncustodial parent to spend Thursday evenings with their child and the first 3rd and 5th weekend of every month. Parents who wish to arrange a schedule that differs from the standard possession order will need to demonstrate why their proposed plan will be better for the children.

Once the parents have a schedule in place, they must adhere to the court’s order. Some families will find that a different schedule better meets their needs. Speaking to a West Lake Hills attorney could help a parent review various scheduling options in a visitation case.

When The Standard Plan Does Not Work

The state created the standard possession order as a plan that should work if parents live 100 miles away from one another or less. In cases where the parents live farther away, a different visitation schedule may better serve the children’s interests. For instance, the noncustodial parents may have the children one weekend per month, every spring break, and 42 days each summer.

Again, parents may negotiate different terms in these scenarios, but a court often prefers schedules that meet these standards whenever possible. If the court believes the standard possession order will not serve a child’s best interests, the judge can stray from these terms. An attorney in West Lake Hills could discuss visitation schedule options with the parents in a case.

Equal Time

In some cases, parents may share 50/50 custody of their children. For a judge to consider such an arrangement, the parents would need to live close to one another and demonstrate to the court that they can co-parent effectively.

In Texas, most 50/50 custody arrangements involve parents who voluntarily choose these terms. Many individuals feel that having the children move back and forth between homes so frequently is not in their children’s best interest. A West Lake Hills lawyer could review the potential benefits of an equal time schedule with individuals who prefer this visitation arrangement.

Speak with a West Lake Hills Visitation Attorney

If you are disputing visitation with your children, you will need to understand your rights and your options as a parent. Courts view many factors when determining the appropriate visitation arrangement for a family. Hiring a West Lake Hills visitation lawyer means having an advocate on your side. Call our office attorney today to discuss your case.