Divorce Cases in West Lake Hills

One of the major legal issues that our team handles is divorce. When a married couple chooses to part ways, they are breaking up their relationship and ending a legal contract. The terms of the divorce agreement continue to impact the lives of each party for many years into the future.

For instance, if the court orders spousal or child support, the decree could have long-term impacts on both individuals’ finances. The court will also divide the marital property, meaning that the court has a say in who takes the family home, cars, and other significant assets. Divorces involving minor children present many particular complications, and the parties will need to set a parenting schedule.

As such, divorces are major life events. Fortunately, a West Lake Hills family law attorney could work with a person to find an agreement that protects their rights and future.

Modifications of Agreements

When the parties reach a custody or support agreement, the terms become a binding contract. Sometimes, circumstances change, and what was once a workable schedule becomes less practical. It is often possible to modify the terms of support or a parenting schedule.

No one should attempt to modify their payments on their own as there are serious consequences for violating child or spousal support order. However, an individual whose salary changes drastically or who loses their job should be proactive about modifying their orders to prevent financial hardship.

Of course, if a parent relocates or takes a far more demanding job, the parents may need to renegotiate the terms of their schedule. In these cases, a family lawyer in West Lake Hills could help the individuals revise the terms and reach an agreement that fits into their new circumstances.

Custody and Parenting Schedules

Our attorneys also could help unmarried and divorced parents reach a custody agreement. The court cannot give preference to either parent based on their gender or sex. Instead, custody arrangements involve complex analyses of each parent’s relationships with the children, their ability to offer a stable enovironment, and any other factors that influence the lives of the children.

Family courts always prioritize the best interests over the children rather than the parents. In some cases, courts will appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) whose job is to protect the children’s interests. An attorney could help a parent work with the GAL, who has a strong influence on the outcome of a custody case. It is important to note that while older children’s preferences might factor into the court’s decision, the child’s opinion is not the determining factor. In many cases, a child may not have the right reasons for wanting to spend more time with a parent, so courts listen to the GAL and review other evidence when making their decisions. Parents going through custody disputes in family court should retain powerful West Lake Hills lawyers to guide them and build a strong case for their preferred arrangement.

Contact a West Lake Hills Family Attorney

Any family law issue can have severe consequences on a person’s life. It is essential to find someone who understands the system and can advocate for you.

If you are going through a divorce, trying to negotiate child custody, or handling any other family legal matter, contact a West Lake Hills family lawyer from our firm today.