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Family law matters can be complicated and emotionally difficult. Working with a board-certified, Stanford law-trained Austin family lawyer can help make this process less challenging while protecting you from an unfair legal result.

Many family legal matters stem from the end of a marriage. When a couple chooses to divorce, there are many complicated issues that the parties or the courts must work out. Division of property, custody, and support payments are just some of the issues the parties need to resolve to go their separate ways. Fortunately, our firm has the skills and resources necessary to effectively represent you and your interests during these cases.

Divorce Litigation in Austin, TX

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, they may face many emotionally charged choices such as custody and the division of assets. If the parties are willing to work out a solution, this process may move more quickly and become less expensive. Still, it is always important to have legal representation as the terms of a divorce decree can impact both individuals for many years. In highly contentious divorces, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer in Austin can be even more important as it can be more difficult for individual parties to obtain their desired outcome.

  • "Several times during this process my husband complained about Ben being aggressive. I consider this to be a compliment to Ben."- Natalia M. -
  • “Divorce cases are clearly emotionally charged. Ben listened to my occasional emotional outbursts and refocused me on the critical issues.”- Stephen -
  • “Ben is a remarkable attorney who is experienced, strategic in his approach and reachable and responsive at all times.”- Michael -
  • “His exhaustive research and preparation showed during the trial. His closing argument was simply brilliant and inspiring.”- Franklin -

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Marital Agreements

Marital agreements help set certain terms for the division of property if a marriage ends, or one party dies prematurely. Prenuptial agreements, which parties must complete before marriage, can protect family wealth, assets, and the interests of a party’s children from a previous relationship.

Postnuptial agreements serve similar purposes to prenups, but the parties enter these contracts after they get married. Both of these documents can help remove some of the stress put on marriage by taking away unknowns.

Courts only uphold these agreements when the parties enter them freely, with full disclosure of one another’s assets and debts, and when it meets all technical requirements. An Austin family attorney could help a couple draft a marital agreement that might serve to protect the parties’ interests in the future.

Hire a Caring Austin Family Attorney

Going through a divorce or custody battle can be incredibly difficult. There are many aspects to consider in the breakdown of a marriage. The documents that the parties sign and agree to will significantly impact their lives for many years into the future.

Hiring an Austin family lawyer means having someone to protect your interests. A legal advocate from our office could take some of the stress off of you so that you can focus on your family.

It’s obviously a difficult time. You want a responsive, intelligent, compassionate family law firm guiding you through this legal process that is proactively acting on your behalf and protecting your interests.

Custody and Parenting Schedules

In Texas, custody is separated into conservatorship and possession and access. A conservatorship gives either parent the right to make important decisions regarding their children, such as medical care, education, and religious upbringing.

Two parents might share the conservatorship jointly and make important decisions together. Other times, only one parent may have the right to make such determinations. Courts consider the parties’ relationship and other factors in making these decisions.

Possession and access refer to a parent’s actual contact with the child and with whom the child will live. State law offers two suggested schedules, but the parents or the courts can create separate arrangements that better suit the child and their needs. Austin child custody attorneys could help with this family matter by zealously fighting for a party’s parental rights.

Family Legal Matters Involving Child and Spousal Support

In many divorce cases, one parent pays child support to the other. The amount of child support in a given case depends on the number of children and the incomes of the individual spouses. The paying parent typically owes 20 percent of their monthly net income for families with one child. The percentage increases for each additional child, up to at least 40 percent for families with six or more children.

In most cases, the numbers rely on such percentages, but exceptions exist. Sometimes circumstances mean that the formula is not in the child’s best interests or creates an unfair burden on a parent. A family lawyer in Austin could help a parent fight for fair child support payments.

Spousal support serves to financial aid one of the spouses. If a spouse cannot support themselves at the end of a marriage of more than ten years, the court might order these payments. The maximum amount of support a court can order is 20 percent of the paying spouse’s gross income, with a maximum of $5,000 a month.

Family Law Practice Areas

As an attorney who focuses almost exclusively on family law I have experience representing clients facing a variety of legal challenges, including: