My firm focuses on family law and business litigation in Austin, Texas. My family law practice covers the gamut of family law services, including divorce, child custody, complex property division, paternity suits, premarital and post-marital agreements, spousal support, modification of prior orders, enforcement of prior orders, and grandparents’ rights.

My business litigation practice encompasses a broad range of commercial disputes, including breach of contract, all manner of business torts, defamation, DTPA actions, premises liability disputes, employment disputes, and fiduciary litigation.

The breadth of my practice reflects both my experience and my passion for litigation and trial work. Many of my competitors in the family law arena attempt to distinguish themselves by emphasizing the fact that they only practice family law. Of course, most of these attorneys lack experience doing anything else. In my view, family law is another species of litigation and my background litigating complex business disputes ultimately makes me a better family lawyer.

In the business litigation arena, my firm reflects the changing dynamics in the market for legal services—specifically, the growing backlash against the traditional big firm model. Big law firms will always occupy a niche in the legal market. Complex transactional work and massive, multiparty litigation involving millions of documents will continue to demand the manpower and resources of a large law firm. But for most litigation matters, the big law firm model is too bloated, too bureaucratic, and too costly to provide the service and value that increasingly cost-conscious clients are demanding. At the same time, rejecting this model shouldn’t require clients to sacrifice quality. That’s where I come in. Stated simply, I offer the ability and polish of a big firm lawyer without all of the big firm fat and pretensions.

If you’re in the midst of a business or family law dispute and need competent, aggressive representation, please contact the Law Office of Ben Carrasco at (512) 320-9126 today.