Family law cases often present a labyrinth of emotional and intricate elements. The journey towards a favorable outcome can be less daunting with proficient legal guidance. As a prominent family law attorney in San Marcos, Ben Carrasco can help you. While based in Austin, Attorney Carrasco extends his comprehensive legal expertise, spanning divorce proceedings to child custody issues, to the residents of San Marcos and beyond.

Encountering legal hurdles related to divorce or child support payments is no easy feat. Drawing from his familiarity with the local landscape of San Marcos, Ben Carrasco tailors a unique approach to every client’s situation. He is not just a family law attorney but also a dedicated advocate who resonates with your circumstances, providing attentive counsel through every step of your legal journey.

Ben Carrasco: Experienced San Marcos Family Law Attorney

In family law services, Ben Carrasco distinguishes himself through an unyielding dedication to championing his clients’ rights in San Marcos, TX. His profound comprehension of family law punctuates his impressive professional portfolio. Operating from Austin, his law firm stands ready to provide top-tier legal services to the people of San Marcos, TX, and its surrounding areas.

In a family law dispute, you need more than a well-versed attorney. The requirement is for someone who brings compassion and empathy to the table. Attorney Carrasco blends his legal prowess with a human touch, bringing transformative change to his client’s lives. His practice covers a broad spectrum, offering bespoke strategies to meet the unique aspects of your case, be it child custody agreements or intricate divorce proceedings.

Child Custody

The ordeal of a child custody dispute can take an emotional toll. Our law firm strives to minimize the stress and uncertainty inherent in such situations. As your trusted family lawyer in San Marcos, TX, Ben Carrasco stands in your corner, defending your child or children’s best interests and steering you through the legal process.

Negotiating child custody agreements necessitates the legal acumen and individualized approach that Attorney Carrasco brings. His expertise within the legal landscape of San Marcos positions him to adeptly safeguard your child’s future.


Divorce can be one of life’s most challenging events. As your divorce lawyer, Ben Carrasco understands the emotional turmoil that divorce brings and aims to offer legal assistance that aligns with your best interests. Whether you’re dealing with the division of property or the challenging dynamics of child support, our family law firm’s divorce attorney in San Marcos is committed to ensuring a smooth legal process.

Based out of Austin but serving the San Marcos area, we have the resources and knowledge to handle divorce cases of varying complexity. Whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce, our goal remains consistent: to guide our clients through the legal hurdles and toward the best possible outcome.

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Providing Legal Help in the San Marcos Area

Geographical boundaries do not confine our team. We proudly extend our legal services to the residents of San Marcos and its surrounding areas. We strive to be your local San Marcos family lawyer, assisting with various legal issues about family law.

Whether located on San Antonio St or elsewhere in the San Marcos area, you can count on our family law firm for dedicated service. We’re committed to helping you overcome real problems, focusing on achieving a favorable resolution that respects your family’s unique dynamics and needs.

Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney

Choosing the right family law attorney is critical for successfully navigating family law cases. It’s about securing legal proficiency, empathy, understanding, and a steadfast dedication to achieving your desired outcome. As you explore your options, consider posing these crucial questions to your prospective family law attorney:

How experienced are you with cases similar to mine?

Our law firm, under the stewardship of Ben Carrasco, has vast experience dealing with a wide array of family law cases, ranging from child custody disputes to complex divorce proceedings. We ensure that our comprehensive knowledge and expertise are utilized effectively to meet your legal needs.

How will we maintain communication throughout my case?

We believe in maintaining open and consistent communication lines with our clients. We’ll regularly update you on your case’s progress through your preferred mode of communication, whether it’s email, phone calls, or face-to-face meetings.

What potential outcomes can I expect in my case?

While each case is unique and predicting exact outcomes is challenging, our team, led by Attorney Ben Carrasco, uses its expertise and experience to assess possible effects objectively, always striving for the best possible resolution for our clients.

How are your fees structured?

Our firm operates on a clear and transparent fee structure tailored to the specifics of your case. We will provide detailed information about our fees and how they are determined during our initial consultation.

In contrast to many family law attorneys, Ben Carrasco’s approach centers around delivering customized service, ensuring you feel acknowledged and supported throughout the legal process. Be it child custody, child support, or divorce, his extensive experience and unwavering commitment make him an excellent choice for your family law needs in San Marcos, TX.

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The law office of Ben Carrasco understands the strain that accompanies dealing with family law matters. We aim to alleviate the legal load, allowing you to focus on your family and life. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to arrange an initial consultation. Remember, the journey towards the best possible outcome begins with a simple step: reaching out for the proficient legal assistance you need.