My divorce was over very quickly and he wrapped up all of the details just like a pro.

I did research before selecting Ben to do my divorce. Unfortunately, it was not my first divorce and I already knew how difficult and prolonged these matters take. I met with other attorneys before I decided that Ben would be the best to help me. His education and experience really appealed to me and I certainly am glad that I chose him. I was a basket case the entire time because I did not want the divorce, so he was forced to listen to phone calls with a crying client many times. He was very patient and just let me get it all out even though , of course these were things that he could not help me with. He then would have me focus back on the case and what we needed to do legally. Even so, he still answered the phone every time and was so attentive to my situation. When you call Ben he is always there and if not he returns your call within a few minutes. This applies to weekends and evenings. He is on top of everything steering the way to a quick resolution and divorce. He protected me during this process because he could tell that I was a mess. He did an AMAZING job with my outcome and many people are surprised when I tell them the final outcome of my divorce. They really do not believe me because it is so much more than the standard result. I received such an additional amount because Ben did such a wonderful job. He negotiated my needs, and DEMANDED that the other side respond in my favor, while at the same time keeping me out of a long court divorce. My divorce was over very quickly and he wrapped up all of the details just like a pro. Our divorce had many complicated real estate issues in it and Ben took care of all of them . He added extra documents to make sure that I would not have to pay any taxes now or in the future on what I had been awarded in the divorce. I have grown to really admire and appreciate Ben for everything that he did for me. He is smart, handsome, quiet, so educated and will catch anything that the other side trys to do and throw it back to them in double. I would tell anyone to use him for their legal matters because in the end you will be so happy that you did. He will take such good care of you because that is just what he does and he does it very well! I have two grown sons just about Ben’s age and he protected me like my boys do. In the end I have only great things to say about Ben.

— Kathy

I would highly and without any hesitation recommend Mr. Ben Carrasco

I would like to express my gratitude to this outstanding attorney – Mr. Ben Carrasco. I am still in the middle of my complicated divorce case, but I am very confident and calm knowing that any outcome will be fair and in my best interest because I am protected by a highly professional, knowledgeable attorney – Ben Carrasco. My divorce process is very difficult because the initial phase of the case focused on the enforceability of a premarital agreement. The premarital agreement was initiated by my husband and was signed before our marriage in California. I am a foreigner. Unfortunately I was misled by my husband during the process of signing the premarital agreement. I was shocked when after several years of marriage my husband filed for the divorce. I met with several divorce attorneys in Austin, TX, and my case was politely rejected by every one of them. I was extremely lucky to send my e-mail – request to Mr. Ben Carrasco. Ben was very honest and did not give me unrealistic hope or promises. He always was very prompt and direct in answering my questions. We communicated mostly through e-mails. The fees I was charged for this complicated case were extremely reasonable. This case lasted for several months and ended with a two day trial regarding whether or not the premarital agreement was enforceable. During this very stressful process I fully relied on Ben. I was very impressed by Ben as a professional and individual. He is a very intelligent, logical, patient, knowledgeable attorney, who paid attention to the important details and with whom I was comfortable to share very sensitive private information which was important for the case. I trust Ben. He took the lead in my case and he won it! Several times during this process my husband complained about Ben being aggressive. I consider this to be a compliment to Ben. I am very thankful to Ben, and I would highly and without any hesitation recommend Mr. Ben Carrasco as great attorney and person.

— Natalia M.

I have never delt with an attorney with so much integrity.

Mr Carrasco is an outstanding Attorney and one of the most honest Attorney’s I have met. He has helped my family tremendously and changed our lives forever. Attention to detail is what he is good at and worth every penny. He will send you a receipt every month and charge you the correct time to the minute. I have never delt with an attorney with so much integrity. He is the man for the job and extremely professional. Thank you for everything and people need more men like you sir!

— Chad C

I highly recommend Ben for difficult divorce and custody issues.

Ben Carrasco is an outstanding attorney. He worked diligently and intelligently on my behalf in a matter that was both complex and contentious. He was nearly always available to answer my many questions and did so clearly and concisely. I was particularly impressed by his attention to detail and his poise before the court. I quickly became quite myself confident that no matter the issue or obstacle Ben would be well prepared and mentally agile in his approach and practice. I highly recommend Ben for difficult divorce and custody issues.

— Dr. R. Boone

His rare combination of brilliance and personal integrity make him a pleasure to work with.

Divorce is never easy, and mine was particularly nasty. I can unequivocally say that hiring Ben was the best decision I made throughout the process. Ben is an extremely intelligent, honest, and efficient attorney. He takes the time to explain everything, and his response time to emails and phone calls is absolutely stellar. I don’t want to set expectations high- but in my case it seemed like he never took a weekend off. Ben is brilliant in court. He made effective arguments on my behalf that I believe lead to a better than expected outcome for me. He even took the court granted lunch hour to do research to help bolster our case instead of grabbing a well deserved bite! Unlike some lawyers, Ben is not court averse. While he is extremely willing to work with the other party to avoid lengthy litigation, he is equally willing to stand up for his clients interest at trial. His practice also has a very lean and efficient billing system that does not look to find ways to inflate fees. You pay for the work he does, and it is well worth it! I cannot recommend Ben enough. His rare combination of brilliance and personal integrity make him a pleasure to work with. If you find yourself in the position of needing a divorce attorney, you can’t go wrong with Ben.

— Nachi S.

His courtroom demeanor is impeccable. His attention to detail is otherworldly.

I often joked with Ben that he was the best thing about my divorce. That turned out to be true.
I found Ben while searching for “aggressive” divorce lawyers. I am pretty mild mannered so I knew I needed someone who was going to keep me focused with an aggressive mentality and approach. As a man going through a divorce in the great state of Texas, I’ll admit, it’s pretty terrifying. But Ben is the lawyer that you hope your soon to be ex doesn’t hire, because you would never want to go up against this guy in the courtroom.
In a very wild and bitter divorce case that involved every allegation under the sun directed at me, police involvement, and meddling in-laws, this man defended me with grit unlike I’ve ever seen. My ex-wife’s (financially well-off) parents spared no expenses in paying for her part of the divorce. My ex was bent on taking my children away from me.
In my hearing for temporary orders, Ben absolutely embarrassed the opposing attorney. His courtroom demeanor is impeccable. His attention to detail is otherworldly. His ability to recognize and exploit inconsistencies in the testimonies of others is amazing. I ALWAYS felt like I was walking into the courtroom with a lawyer that was ready to fight for me and believed in me. He made so much of a fool out my ex’s attorney, that she fired and replaced her’s on the spot immediately after the temporary orders hearing.
After that, Ben guided me over the next 3 months leading up to a two day trial. In the meantime, he ensured that my rights were protected during a very peculiar/questionable 4 hour deposition that I was put through and he procured my home and my car for me in mediation.
In the final hearing which was, again, a two day trial over custody and child support, Ben defended me against the testimonies of 5 different witnesses who attempted to paint a picture of me as an uninvolved father and corroborate my ex’s story that I was a terrible husband who was both verbally and mentally abusive. I use the word “attempt” because Ben shredded every one of these witnesses’ stories to pieces casting considerable doubt on the validity of all of their accusations. He frustrated them with his cross examination, even causing one of them to lash out in a fit of rage and another to turn beet red and sweat profusely. It was vindicating to see their stories crumble under Ben’s scrutiny.
In the end Ben got me, A MAN IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, PRIMARY CUSTODY of my children. He also saw that I was awarded decision making rights when it came to my children with his effective arguments he made to the judge. The level of persuasion this man can convey is unparalleled.
Lastly, Ben is honest. He always told me the truth from the beginning, he always kept me up to date, and he never left me hanging through the entire process. He was efficient and fair with billing, which saved me money. I hugged this man, sobbing, outside of the courthouse because he pulled through in a way I never imagined. Ben OVER-DELIVERED in my case. I can’t say enough good things about him

— Shawn Johnson

If I have to sum up Ben Carrasco in a word, it would be ‘Exceptional!’

To begin with, I strongly believe that 5 stars doesn’t do justice to the exceptional and professional service that Mr. Ben Carrasco provided during my divorce and Child custody case. He is simply the best divorce and custody attorney in Austin! The divorce process is extremely hard and stressful in every way. I knew from my previous divorce case (with the same ex wife) that the whole legal system favors moms vs dads. In most cases, it’s an uphill battle for dads. And one of the biggest challenges involved in a divorce process is finding an aggressive, honest, knowledgeable, ethical, trustworthy, competent and intelligent attorney. Before interviewing Ben, I interviewed many big names/firms, read reviews – they all said what anybody in my situation wanted to hear. After speaking and interviewing so many attorneys in town, it was crystal clear that Ben was different in many important ways. He sounded honest, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and there were no false promises or rosy pictures from his end. He was aggressive and attentive from day 1. He works very hard. He always answered my questions within minutes/hours. There was not even a single instance where my email/text has taken a day to get his reply. To my surprise he works late nights/weekends/holidays. We had our first temporary orders hearing in Feb, 2019 and I was very nervous as I had everything to lose. The stakes were really high. Temporary orders is an important part of the case because what happens there, particularly with regard to custody, can determine what happens at the final trial. I went into the hearing asking for primary custody of my kids. My wife and her lawyer were aggressive in presenting a false picture of me. I was very nervous but Ben was very calm, taking notes and paying attention to every small detail . When our turn came, opposing counsel/witness/ex-wife couldn’t stand Ben’s cross examination. He was brilliant. I was awarded temporary primary custody! A man getting primary in the state of Texas! My ex-wife was ordered to leave the home within few days. Ben was simply outstanding during this hearing. My ex-wife didn’t stop here. She fired her attorney and hired a new one with a huge number of reviews and appealed the judge’s decision. For the second hearing, her new attorney subpoenaed everyone imaginable ( friends, family, day care staff, teachers, maintenance staff, etc)…the whole community that I knew was in court room. The second hearing lasted two full days. Ben was just brilliant during this process. They had a large number of witnesses and we just had two. The witnesses were no big help in front of Ben’s cross examination skills. Ultimately, the judge gave us 50-50 visitation, a win in my book given what was thrown at me. I thought this was an end to this legal fight and that my wife would settle for 50-50. But my ex-wife had her own plans. She refused to settle, refused to respond to discovery and generally dragged out the process. Going into final trial, my ex just wanted me to have standard possession. I wanted to keep my 50-50. Final trial was on Monday and Ben’s birthday was on Sunday. He worked whole day and late night on Sunday for final trial. I was again awarded 50-50! I couldn’t have asked for better representation. My case was very complex. There were false allegations of family Violence, CPS investigations, funds sent to, international bank accounts, involvement of family members from India and what not…Ben made this stressful journey easy for me. I just didn’t find a brilliant lawyer but a very good friend too. If I have to sum up Ben Carrasco in a word, it would be ‘Exceptional!’

— Pradeep Thakur

Ben Carrasco in my opinion is the best family law attorney in Austin!

After Mr. Carrasco was recommended to me by a court reporter I had my consultation with him and hired him the same day. After 7+ years of battling for custody of my two children Mr.Carrasco gave me hope, and consistently stood by his words. He is very professional, knows the laws inside and out, will not be intimidated, and if you’re looking for an aggressive attorney in the court room look no further! My children are finally back home thanks to my amazing attorney! Ben Carrasco in my opinion is the best family law attorney in Austin! He is honest, compassionate, and definitely gets the job done. He will not put you on the back burner, and no worries of your case being handed down to 4 different attorneys. Ben Carrasco does it all! I’ve never had an attorney work as diligently on my case with such compassion and sensitivity as Mr. Carrasco. I can’t thank him enough for not only checking on me throughout the process, but also having such sympathetic concern for my children. Words can’t describe, as a mother, the joy and faith that is restored back in my heart. From my family to yours thank you again for everything. We’re beyond blessed, and will always recommend Ben Carrasco in the future!

— Lacy Arnold

I simply cannot adequately put into words how amazing Ben is. The short version of this review is, JUST HIRE BEN!

Ben was the second attorney I hired for my divorce and he should have been the first!! Ben makes you feel like you are his only client. He is extremely responsive (a rarity in this field–trust me, I am a family law paralegal) and knowledgeable. Ben is beyond intelligent. He also acts voraciously and proactively on his client’s behalf and protects their interests. He is a “bull-dog” in the Courtroom. My case had several depositions and hearings and I always felt extremely confident to have Ben representing me. He always knew what to say, his statements always backed up with facts and case law, and his intellect unmatched. I always felt like I had the upper-hand with Ben by my side. Ben does not sugar coat anything. He is honest and straightforward and will realistically manage your expectations. He under promises and over delivers. He also bills incredibly fair. He’s the only lawyer I actually WANT to give me money to!! Throughout this intensely difficult and emotional process, Ben has been by my side, fighting for me and my two children. Ben truly cares about his clients. I am unduly grateful that I found Ben! Thank you for everything.

— Nicole P.
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