Whether two parents are divorced or were never married, the disputes resulting from child custody can be emotionally traumatic, expensive, and stressful. Parents have legal rights when it comes to their children. All mothers need to understand those rights to assert them when it comes to protecting their relationships with their children.

If you are attempting to negotiate or litigate custody with your child’s other parent, you need a skilled family attorney. Contact a West Lake Hills mothers’ rights lawyer to learn more about your options.

Mother’s Rights and Custody

Mothers have the right to spend time with their children as well as to make important decisions related to their children’s upbringing. Because custody determinations impact both of these rights, the outcome of these cases are extremely important.

Courts tend to prefer that parents share custody, but in some situations, they may grant sole custody to one parent. For instance, if a father accuses a mother of being abusive or neglectful to the children, this could impact her right to custody. Unfortunately, divorces and custody battles can often lead to exaggerations and false accusations of this nature. It is vital in such cases for the mother to find a strong legal advocate.

Even in cases where parents share custody, mothers may need to exercise their rights to maintain a relationship with their children. A West Lake Hills attorney could help a mother protect her rights during any custody dispute.

Legal Options for Mothers Who Suffer Domestic Violence

Mothers who suffer domestic violence at the other parent’s hands can seek protection from the court through protective order. These court orders can apply to the mother as well as to her children.

A mother who has suffered abuse from her child’s father may also seek to terminate his custody rights. Typically, a court may deny any parent custody if they are found to have abused either their children or co-parent. A history of violence within two years will be most relevant to the court.

In some situation, a courts may order visitation with an allegedly abusive parent if they deem it in the child’s best interests. However, a judge may order that someone supervise the visits to protect the children. In cases of domestic violence, mothers should retain a West Lake Hills attorney who can represent them and protect their rights to safety for them and their children.

Establishing Paternity in West Lake Hills

Mothers who are not married should establish paternity of their children to seek support from the father. This issue is not always controversial, but when it is, the mother can request that the court order a father to undergo paternity testing. If the test reveals that the father is the child’s biological parent, then the court will likely order that father to pay child support.

The cost of raising a child is extensive, and the law maintains that both parents must take part in providing for the child’s needs. When a father refuses to participate, the mother should consult with a lawyer in West Lake Hills about her rights to child support.

Hire a West Lake Hills Mothers’ Rights Attorney

If you are a mother struggling with your parental rights being infringed upon, you may have many questions. You should not handle these matters on your own. Speak to a West Lake Hills mothers’ rights lawyer today to discuss your legal options.