Most people that go through a divorce are happy to complete the process and put the end of their marriage behind them. However, in some situations, a divorce does not come to a conclusion with the final decree. Some issues like alimony or child support could remain a problem for years after the initial divorce case comes to an end. A dedicated marriage dissolution attorney could help resolve any disputes that happen following a divorce.

If you are facing changing circumstances following your divorce, you might be entitled to modify the terms of the decree. To do so, you will need approval from the court. A West Lake Hills post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you obtain this approval.

Common Post-Divorce Disputes

Typically, the divorce decree will spell out all of the important terms regarding the dissolution of a marriage. These terms could involve everything from the division of financial assets to the right to care for children. While most parties to a divorce comly with the orders of the court, post-divorce disputes are not uncommon. These disputes could arise from the failure to comply with the terms of the divorce or from a conflict brought on by changing life circumstances. An attorney in West Lake Hills could help resolves these post-divorce disputes.

Failure to Comply

Not every party to a divorce is going to willingly comply with the terms of a final agreement. When they fail to do so, the complying party could pursue legal action to enforce the terms of the divorce decree.


One of the most hotly-contested post-divorce disputes involves a parent attempting to relocate with the children. This frequently leads to litigation as any long-distance relocation requires court approval.

Safety Issues

Some disputes arise out of concern that a child is in danger. If a parent with primary parental rights has placed a child in a situation that could lead to abuse or neglect, another parent could seek a change in custody.

Change in Income

When a judge first reviews a divorce case, they will set the amount of child support or alimony depending on the financial circumstances of each party at that time. When one spouse’s income changes dramatically, a change in the terms of the divorce might be in order. The court could increase or decrease the amount of monthly support depending on how a parent’s income has changed.

Altering Divorce Decrees due to a Dispute

Once the court issues a decree in a divorce case, the terms remain in place unless modified by the court. Without further action, the decisions regarding alimony, child custody, and child support are enforceable. To change these terms and resolve any post-divorce disputes, a person and their West Lake Hills attorney must petition to modify the final decree. The courts will not modify the terms of a divorce decree on a whim. Instead, a party to the divorce must establish that a material change in circumstances requires a modification.

Call a West Lake Hills Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Today

It is not unusual for the disputes that follow a divorce to be more contentious than those that arise during the case itself. This is especially true for disputes that arise years after the divorce is finalized. If you are facing changing circumstances, the original terms of your divorce might no longer be fair. Contact a West Lake Hills post-divorce disputes lawyer to resolve any disagreements.