Many parents breathe a sigh of relief when their divorce case comes to an end. Disputes over child support can be taxing and take both time and resources to resolve. Despite the finality of a divorce decree, the reality is that many parents must return to court to enforce these orders. A skilled child support attorney could assist with these enforcement actions.

If your co-parent has not complied with the child support order issued by the court, you may have legal options to enforce that order. A West Lake Hills child support enforcement lawyer could advise you of your options and work to protect the best interests of you and your child.

When Enforcement Actions Might Be Necessary

There are different situations that could require an enforcement action related to a child support obligation. Any failure to comply with a court order or divorce decree could result in an enforcement action. Some common situations that can lead to enforcement actions generally include the failure to pay child support. This could involve entirely ignoring these obligations or only making partial payments.

Support actions can also take different forms. If a divorce decree requires a noncustodial parent to give up certain property as part of a child support obligation, the failure to do so could bring about contempt charges. The same is true if a parent fails to make mandatory payments for a child’s health insurance or other expenses. A lawyer in West Lake Hills could determine if certain situation warrants a child support enforcement action.

Avenues for Child Support Enforcement

There are typically two options for enforcing child support. A parent seeking a child support enforcement action may either file their case in family court with the help of a West Lake Hills attorney or seek help directly from the state.

Enforcement Through Family Court

Pursuing child support enforcement through legal action is often the best option for dealing with non-compliant parents. Unlike seeking assistance from the state, pursuing a direct action leaves control of the case in the hands of the filing party.

An enforcement action generally begins with a request to the court to force the non-compliant parent to make any delinquent support payments. While this part of the child support enforcement process does not require legal counsel, a lawyer in West Lake Hills could dramatically improve the chances of success.

The court has different options once they determine a parent is not making their child support payments. The judge could hold that parent in contempt, levying monetary fines or even jail time against them. Often, incarcerated individuals will not be allowed to bail out of jail without first paying down a portion of their missing child support.

State Action for Non-compliance

Another option involves taking allegations of child support delinquency to a state agency. The Office of the Attorney General has a unit dedicated to child support violations known as the Child Support Division (CSD). The state has a variety of enforcement powers, including suspending driver’s privileges, intercepting lottery winnings, and filing liens against real or personal property.

Talk to a West Lake Hills Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Whether you are owed child support or are facing allegations of non-compliance, you have the right to seek the guidance of legal counsel. Aggressive representation could make a case for a fair outcome during the hearing. Child support disputes can be challenging to resolve. Call today to seek guidance from a West Lake Hills child support enforcement lawyer.