Every divorce decree or custody agreement sets out specific terms regarding the time each parent receives with a child. Unfortunately, not all parents comply with these orders. If your rights to parenting time with your children has been violated, a West Lake Hills child custody enforcement lawyer could help.

Violating a custody order is a serious issue, but a parent may be able to resolve this problem with limited conflict in some cases. If one of our dedicated custody attorneys is unable to reason with the other parent, you could pursue an enforcement action with the court to protect your rights.

Resolving Custody Disputes Without Legal Action

Frequently, our West Lake Hills lawyers are able to resolve a child custody enforcement issue without the need for litigation. While that might be a parent’s first instinct, some disputes can be resolved amicably. Often, the custody or visitation issue in question results from a misunderstanding of the law. Emotions also tend to run high in these circumstances, and the parent who violates the terms of the order may agree to comply once things calm down.

In other situations, it can require negotiating with the other parent’s legal counsel to bring a dispute to an end. This is often a good option as reaching a mutual understanding with the other parent typically brings a dispute to an end much sooner compared to involving a judge.

Involving the Court in Custody Disputes

Unfortunately, the reality of some custody and visitation disputes is that they cannot be resolved amicably. When parents cannot come to a mutual understanding, it falls to the courts to enforce the divorce decree or custody agreement. Most enforcement actions begin with asking the court to hold the violating spouse in contempt. Should the court determine that the other parent has violated the terms of the custody agreement, they could face potential incarceration or fines. Child custody enforcement litigation can be a long, drawn-out affair. An attorney in West Lake Hills could work to avoid long delays while pursuing a child custody enforcement action.

Can a Parent Refuse Visitation for Non-Payment of Child Support?

When the one parent refuses to make the necessary child support payments or otherwise uphold their duties under the custody agreement, it is not unusual for the other party to contemplate withholding visitation in response. However, it is the wrong approach to attempt to deny custody rights in an effort to enforce a child support obligation.

The failure to make necessary child support payments could ultimately result in grounds for changing a custody agreement. That said, a parent does not have the power to make that determination on their own. Withholding visitation could lead to a contempt charge, even if the other parent was not holding up their end of the deal. When in doubt, talk to a child custody attorney in West Lake Hills about the available enforcement options.

Call a West Lake Hills Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Today

If your co-parent has violated a court order or failed to adhere to the custody agreement, there could be legal options available to you. An enforcement action could hold the violating parent accountable and require them to comply with the orders of the court. It could be in your best interest to put your case in the hands of a West Lake Hills child custody enforcement lawyer. Call today to get started.