The extent of his preparation in comparison to that of the opposing attorneys was obvious.

Ben Carrasco has my sincere gratitude and highest recommendation. When I saw that my marriage was unsalvageable, I went online to find an attorney. I studied a number of websites, but I really liked what I read on Ben Carrasco’s webpage for a number of reasons–his distinguished academic background, impressive work history and other clients’ reviews to be sure–but mainly, I liked his straightforward explanation of how he does business. After he began representing me, what came to impress me most is Ben’s work ethic. He worked hard on my case, frequently contacting me at night and on weekends to get my input, clarify facts and ensure he was accurately representing my expectations. When a foolish act on my part complicated what should have been a simple divorce, Ben took that in stride and worked even harder to help get my mess untangled.
On his website, Ben talks about lawyers who are afraid of the courtroom, and he tells you he is not one of them. Believe him. He represented me in an unusual dual hearing, simultaneously taking on a county attorney for one hearing and my spouse’s divorce attorney for another. The extent of his preparation in comparison to that of the opposing attorneys was obvious. Ben did a better job of getting ready for the hearings, and because he was ready, he did a superior job of presenting my side of the story logically, clearly and when necessary, forcefully. As a result, the judge’s ruling clearly favored my position. Ben was always up front with me. If I suggested a course of action that made sense to me but was not necessarily a brilliant move from a legal point of view, he let me know, sometimes bluntly, but always with my best interests in mind. What I learned from my experience is that the legal system speaks a different language. What seemed fair or just or obvious from my point of view was not always what the legal system has determined to be fair or just or obvious. In other words, if you’re compelled to use the legal system, you need someone who speaks the language. You need a smart, hardworking, legal-fluent advocate who will ably translate your needs and expectations into the language of the system and who will clearly explain what the system is telling you. Ben Carrasco did just that for me. I’m glad I asked him to represent me, and I feel fortunate that he agreed to take my case.

— Larry
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