My divorce was over very quickly and he wrapped up all of the details just like a pro.

I did research before selecting Ben to do my divorce. Unfortunately, it was not my first divorce and I already knew how difficult and prolonged these matters take. I met with other attorneys before I decided that Ben would be the best to help me. His education and experience really appealed to me and I certainly am glad that I chose him. I was a basket case the entire time because I did not want the divorce, so he was forced to listen to phone calls with a crying client many times. He was very patient and just let me get it all out even though , of course these were things that he could not help me with. He then would have me focus back on the case and what we needed to do legally. Even so, he still answered the phone every time and was so attentive to my situation. When you call Ben he is always there and if not he returns your call within a few minutes. This applies to weekends and evenings. He is on top of everything steering the way to a quick resolution and divorce. He protected me during this process because he could tell that I was a mess. He did an AMAZING job with my outcome and many people are surprised when I tell them the final outcome of my divorce. They really do not believe me because it is so much more than the standard result. I received such an additional amount because Ben did such a wonderful job. He negotiated my needs, and DEMANDED that the other side respond in my favor, while at the same time keeping me out of a long court divorce. My divorce was over very quickly and he wrapped up all of the details just like a pro. Our divorce had many complicated real estate issues in it and Ben took care of all of them . He added extra documents to make sure that I would not have to pay any taxes now or in the future on what I had been awarded in the divorce. I have grown to really admire and appreciate Ben for everything that he did for me. He is smart, handsome, quiet, so educated and will catch anything that the other side trys to do and throw it back to them in double. I would tell anyone to use him for their legal matters because in the end you will be so happy that you did. He will take such good care of you because that is just what he does and he does it very well! I have two grown sons just about Ben’s age and he protected me like my boys do. In the end I have only great things to say about Ben.

— Kathy
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