If I have to sum up Ben Carrasco in a word, it would be ‘Exceptional!’

To begin with, I strongly believe that 5 stars doesn’t do justice to the exceptional and professional service that Mr. Ben Carrasco provided during my divorce and Child custody case. He is simply the best divorce and custody attorney in Austin! The divorce process is extremely hard and stressful in every way. I knew from my previous divorce case (with the same ex wife) that the whole legal system favors moms vs dads. In most cases, it’s an uphill battle for dads. And one of the biggest challenges involved in a divorce process is finding an aggressive, honest, knowledgeable, ethical, trustworthy, competent and intelligent attorney. Before interviewing Ben, I interviewed many big names/firms, read reviews – they all said what anybody in my situation wanted to hear. After speaking and interviewing so many attorneys in town, it was crystal clear that Ben was different in many important ways. He sounded honest, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and there were no false promises or rosy pictures from his end. He was aggressive and attentive from day 1. He works very hard. He always answered my questions within minutes/hours. There was not even a single instance where my email/text has taken a day to get his reply. To my surprise he works late nights/weekends/holidays. We had our first temporary orders hearing in Feb, 2019 and I was very nervous as I had everything to lose. The stakes were really high. Temporary orders is an important part of the case because what happens there, particularly with regard to custody, can determine what happens at the final trial. I went into the hearing asking for primary custody of my kids. My wife and her lawyer were aggressive in presenting a false picture of me. I was very nervous but Ben was very calm, taking notes and paying attention to every small detail . When our turn came, opposing counsel/witness/ex-wife couldn’t stand Ben’s cross examination. He was brilliant. I was awarded temporary primary custody! A man getting primary in the state of Texas! My ex-wife was ordered to leave the home within few days. Ben was simply outstanding during this hearing. My ex-wife didn’t stop here. She fired her attorney and hired a new one with a huge number of reviews and appealed the judge’s decision. For the second hearing, her new attorney subpoenaed everyone imaginable ( friends, family, day care staff, teachers, maintenance staff, etc)…the whole community that I knew was in court room. The second hearing lasted two full days. Ben was just brilliant during this process. They had a large number of witnesses and we just had two. The witnesses were no big help in front of Ben’s cross examination skills. Ultimately, the judge gave us 50-50 visitation, a win in my book given what was thrown at me. I thought this was an end to this legal fight and that my wife would settle for 50-50. But my ex-wife had her own plans. She refused to settle, refused to respond to discovery and generally dragged out the process. Going into final trial, my ex just wanted me to have standard possession. I wanted to keep my 50-50. Final trial was on Monday and Ben’s birthday was on Sunday. He worked whole day and late night on Sunday for final trial. I was again awarded 50-50! I couldn’t have asked for better representation. My case was very complex. There were false allegations of family Violence, CPS investigations, funds sent to, international bank accounts, involvement of family members from India and what not…Ben made this stressful journey easy for me. I just didn’t find a brilliant lawyer but a very good friend too. If I have to sum up Ben Carrasco in a word, it would be ‘Exceptional!’

— Pradeep Thakur
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