His courtroom demeanor is impeccable. His attention to detail is otherworldly.

I often joked with Ben that he was the best thing about my divorce. That turned out to be true.
I found Ben while searching for “aggressive” divorce lawyers. I am pretty mild mannered so I knew I needed someone who was going to keep me focused with an aggressive mentality and approach. As a man going through a divorce in the great state of Texas, I’ll admit, it’s pretty terrifying. But Ben is the lawyer that you hope your soon to be ex doesn’t hire, because you would never want to go up against this guy in the courtroom.
In a very wild and bitter divorce case that involved every allegation under the sun directed at me, police involvement, and meddling in-laws, this man defended me with grit unlike I’ve ever seen. My ex-wife’s (financially well-off) parents spared no expenses in paying for her part of the divorce. My ex was bent on taking my children away from me.
In my hearing for temporary orders, Ben absolutely embarrassed the opposing attorney. His courtroom demeanor is impeccable. His attention to detail is otherworldly. His ability to recognize and exploit inconsistencies in the testimonies of others is amazing. I ALWAYS felt like I was walking into the courtroom with a lawyer that was ready to fight for me and believed in me. He made so much of a fool out my ex’s attorney, that she fired and replaced her’s on the spot immediately after the temporary orders hearing.
After that, Ben guided me over the next 3 months leading up to a two day trial. In the meantime, he ensured that my rights were protected during a very peculiar/questionable 4 hour deposition that I was put through and he procured my home and my car for me in mediation.
In the final hearing which was, again, a two day trial over custody and child support, Ben defended me against the testimonies of 5 different witnesses who attempted to paint a picture of me as an uninvolved father and corroborate my ex’s story that I was a terrible husband who was both verbally and mentally abusive. I use the word “attempt” because Ben shredded every one of these witnesses’ stories to pieces casting considerable doubt on the validity of all of their accusations. He frustrated them with his cross examination, even causing one of them to lash out in a fit of rage and another to turn beet red and sweat profusely. It was vindicating to see their stories crumble under Ben’s scrutiny.
In the end Ben got me, A MAN IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, PRIMARY CUSTODY of my children. He also saw that I was awarded decision making rights when it came to my children with his effective arguments he made to the judge. The level of persuasion this man can convey is unparalleled.
Lastly, Ben is honest. He always told me the truth from the beginning, he always kept me up to date, and he never left me hanging through the entire process. He was efficient and fair with billing, which saved me money. I hugged this man, sobbing, outside of the courthouse because he pulled through in a way I never imagined. Ben OVER-DELIVERED in my case. I can’t say enough good things about him

— Shawn Johnson
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