Ben clearly has a passion for his work and it shows in how he treats his clients.

I’m a seasoned tech executive with over 20 years of experience in my field. During my career, I’ve worked with many attorneys on a wide variety of issues This is my first experience using an attorney in personal matters. Ben has far exceeded my expectations on how an attorney works with clients. My expectations are that an attorney will be: knowledgeable, professional, responsive, trustworthy, experienced, and respectful. Ben is all those things, and more. Ben handled my divorce case expertly. He provided the information I needed to make necessary decisions without delay. He worked closely with me on strategy, giving his opinion on matters without being pushy or demanding — something other attorneys could benefit from emulating.Ben also helped keep me focused on the issues at hand. Divorce cases are clearly emotionally charged. Ben listened to my occasional emotional outbursts and refocused me on the critical issues. This was a pleasant, and useful, surprise! I really appreciated Ben’s ability to apply pressure to opposing counsel as well. During part of my case there was some unreasonable foot dragging. Ben applied appropriate and effective pressure to move things along.As of this writing, his rate is $250/hour. That’s quite a bargain from where I’m sitting based on his level of service. What makes this rate so competitive is how Ben manages his time. He bills just for what he does. I experienced no “padding” of the billable hours and everything he charged for was crystal clear to me. My ex-wife’s attorney charges a similar hourly rate but her fees far exceeded mine in this case. This is a testament to how efficient Ben is with his time.My time is extremely important to me. I don’t have the patience for wasting it on frivolous meetings or useless endeavors. Ben and I conducted most of our business online via. email. This was tremendously valuable to me. He responded rapidly both on and off business hours. Ben clearly has a passion for his work and it shows in how he treats his clients.What I got from my relationship with Ben in this case was a partner. Fantastically valuable. I’d give the highest recommendation for Ben to anyone without hesitation

— Stephen
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