Mothers are afforded all of the same rights as legally established fathers. Yet, many women fear losing these rights, especially in situations in which they are no longer with the father of their child. If you are in a situation where you believe these rights are being infringed upon, speak with an Austin mothers’ rights lawyer immediately. Our dedicated attorneys could help you explore ways to exercise your rights while protecting the best interests of your children and family.

Benefits of Establishing Paternity for Mothers

For mothers, one of the most important benefits of establishing paternity is that it entitles them to receive financial support from the father for their child. Child support in Texas is designed to provide for a child’s basic needs, including housing, clothing, and food. If the father is the noncustodial parent, they are responsible for providing child support to the mother until their child graduates from high school or turns 18, whichever comes last. Child support also terminates if the child becomes emancipated or gets married.

Under Texas Family Code §154.125, the state sets forth general guidelines for how it calculates child support. The amount of child support to which the custodial parent is entitled is stated as a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s average monthly net resources. This percentage of the income is also determined by how many children a mother is seeking support for. The breakdown is as follows:

  • One child: 20%
  • Two children: 25%
  • Three children: 35%
  • Four children: 35%
  • Five children: 40%
  • Six or more children: At least 40%

An attorney in Austin could help a mother exercise her rights to child support if she is eligible to receive it and has established the paternity of her child.

Mothers’ Rights in Domestic Violence Cases

When a mother or her child has suffered domestic abuse by her co-parent, she may have additional rights with respect to custody. Under Texas state law, a father cannot be granted rights as a joint conservator in the event of divorce if he has ever sexually or physically abused the child’s mother, any spouse, or any of his children.

If the mother has been accused of domestic violence, she may still be able to retain parental custody rights if a court decides that all of the following conditions have been satisfied:

  • Visitation with the mother would not endanger the child
  • Visitation with the mother is in the best interests of the child
  • Visitation would be supervised, if required
  • There is a visitation order to protect the child

When domestic abuse comes into play, it can put a strain on the entire family. It is important for the mother to seek assistance from a lawyer in Austin who has experience protecting parental rights.

Contact an Austin Mothers’ Rights Attorney

As a parent, and especially as a single mother, raising a child and providing for their needs can be a heavy load to bear. Establishing paternity and seeking child support is one way to ease that burden. Contacting an Austin mothers’ rights lawyer and exploring the options available to you could be an important step in ensuring your child’s wellbeing. For help protect your rights, schedule a case consultation with one of our attorneys.