shaking hands top family lawyer in Austin

Most of us don’t interact with family lawyers as often as we do other local professionals such as teachers, dentists, and doctors. Because we don’t interact with attorneys on a regular basis, it can be difficult to compare different lawyers and determine which one is really a top family lawyer.

When you’re dealing with a family law related matter, you need to be able to depend on your family lawyer and trust that you’re getting the best representation possible. So, how can you determine if your divorce attorney is the best attorney for you? Here are the six things that top family lawyers all have in common.

1. Top Family Lawyers Are Good Communicators

A top family lawyer will communicate effectively with you. He or she will answer your questions and not make you feel like you are a burden. This is important because, in family law, you’ll likely have a lot of questions about what is going to happen in your divorce case, custody hearing, and more. You’ll want to know what’s happening at every step of the way, and a good divorce attorney will keep you in the loop with ongoing communication.

2. Experienced in Family Law

If you’re going through a divorce, you have a lot at stake. Your finances, home, children, and more will all be impacted by what happens in your case. Your family lawyer should be experienced in every aspect of your case. From child custody to division of assets, a top family attorney will be experienced in cases similar to yours and have a high success rate in obtaining the best results. This will allow you to trust your family attorney to get you a positive outcome while you continue your normal life as much as possible.

3. Demonstrate Straightforward Integrity

It’s crucial your family lawyer is upfront with you about your case. What can you reasonably expect? What’s the good news as well as the bad? What can you do to make your outcome more favorable? A top family lawyer should not be afraid to deliver all of this to you, and more. Hope is important, but false hope is devastating. Truth and reality is crucial. Only hire a divorce attorney who has the integrity to be straightforward and honest about your potential.

When a prospective client asks me what my “sales pitch” is, I respond that my sales pitch is that I don’t have a sales pitch. Engaging a lawyer is not like buying a car and should not be treated as such. The stakes are simply too high in a divorce for you to fall for smarmy sales pitches, false promises, and phony bravado. Divorce involves the most cherished things and people in your life, after all. Unfortunately, because the legal profession — and the family law bar in particular — is infested with desperate and sleazy lawyers, these tactics are alarmingly common. When a lawyer boasts about how he can “get you x outcome” or that she’s “the best lawyer in town,” makes extravagant claims about his “win/loss” record, or downplays what your case will cost, grab your wallet and run. When going through a divorce, it is tempting to seize on rosy assessments and comforting assurances. Lawyers will say a lot to secure your retainer and, when things don’t unfold as promised, shrug their shoulders. What you need during this difficult is not happy talk, but straight talk.

4. Dedicated and Hard Working

A top family lawyer will be completely dedicated to your case. You can’t fully know just how dedicated an attorney will be beforehand, but you can look for some clear indicators that you’ve found a top family lawyer who will be dedicated to your case. If the attorney takes your call personally, you can reasonably expect that type of personalized treatment to continue. How well does the family attorney listen to you, and does he or she go straight to fees or continue to ask questions to get a full understanding of your case? Does the divorce attorney go over the facts and the laws surrounding your case?

5. Top Family Lawyers Are Knowledgeable

A good divorce attorney knows the law well, and can apply it to your case. But that doesn’t mean every bit of the law is ingrained in his or her brain. Family law is complicated, and every issue is different, so if a lawyer needs to look up existing law from time to time, that’s actually a good thing. That means the lawyer isn’t afraid to be wrong; finding the right answers is more important.

6. Top Family Lawyers Are Well Prepared

Your case could take any number of twists and turns, and a top family lawyer will be prepared for each and every one. For example, it’s often better to attempt to settle a case out of court, and many lawyers will steer you in that direction. But at the same time, they should be preparing themselves with evidence and arguments to go to court if the case should go in that direction.

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