The amount and duration of alimony ordered by the court will depend, in part, on the incomes of the spouses. While a couple hundred dollars might not seem like much in a normal divorce, high net worth divorces can result in thousands in spousal support… Read On

Adultery is a fairly common cause for divorce. Although some couples’ relationships can recover from an affair, in many cases, the trust and respect between the couple is irreparably damaged when one chooses to have an affair. In Texas, adultery is defined as any act… Read On

Not all marriages start with a marriage license and an official wedding ceremony. In Texas, it is possible for a couple to enter a common law marriage. It is also possible for a couple in this type of marriage to get a divorce. There are… Read On

When a couple begins the divorce process, one spouse may seek temporary spousal support. Working through a divorce can be a financially tumultuous time, especially when one spouse decides to move out of the family home. Both partners must adjust to living on single incomes… Read On

Alimony in Texas (spousal support) is often referred to as spousal maintenance. Its intention is to provide a lower earning spouse with the time needed to build and develop the skills and/or education needed to support him or herself after a divorce. Because of this intent,… Read On

I am frequently asked by prospective clients whether they are eligible to receive alimony. In Texas, what other jurisdictions refer to as “alimony” is called spousal maintenance, and it is available to a spouse provided certain eligibility criteria are met. Here are the basics of… Read On