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Family legal matters are not only complicated, but they can be emotionally taxing. When you work with a board-certified, Stanford law trained Dallas family lawyer at the Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC, you will get compassionate legal representation you can trust. We help you push through the challenging parts and get the best outcome possible.

Family lawyers need to be able to handle an array of different issues, often at the same time. Not only do you need someone who can make your divorce easier, but they should also help you obtain a child custody outcome that is best for your children. Our Dallas family attorneys have the skills and resources to effectively represent you throughout your complex legal case.

Divorce Litigation in Dallas, TX

Ending a marriage is never easy – either through a divorce or other legal separation. You need a divorce lawyer in Dallas who can make sense of the confusion. From division of property to high net worth divorces, the family law firm led by attorney Ben Carrasco is here to help. You need someone who is familiar with local divorce courts and can help you get a divorce decree that will serve your needs now and in the future.

  • "Several times during this process my husband complained about Ben being aggressive. I consider this to be a compliment to Ben."- Natalia M. -
  • “Divorce cases are clearly emotionally charged. Ben listened to my occasional emotional outbursts and refocused me on the critical issues.”- Stephen -
  • “Ben is a remarkable attorney who is experienced, strategic in his approach and reachable and responsive at all times.”- Michael -
  • “His exhaustive research and preparation showed during the trial. His closing argument was simply brilliant and inspiring.”- Franklin -
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Law Office of Ben Carrasco, PLLC has a board-certified attorney who focuses on the needs of families. We stay up to date on relevant Texas divorce laws and other statutes and court decisions that might affect our clients. When you choose attorney Ben Carrasco, you are getting a strong advocate to fight for you.
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Marital Agreements in Dallas

You don’t have to leave all matters up to the court. You can make an agreement with your soon to be spouse or current spouse about certain issues before anything goes to court. Marital agreements not only help decide what happens in terms of division of property, business operations, and more if a marriage ends, but also if a spouse prematurely dies.

Prenuptial agreements are entered into before a marriage. They can protect family wealth, inheritance, personal assets, and interests of a party’s children from a previous relationship. They can also protect interests in a family business and may be required by some organizations.

Postnuptial agreements serve a similar purpose as prenups; however, they are entered during the marriage. Both postnups and prenups can remove some of the unknown issues that are encountered during a divorce or in the event that someone passes away unexpectedly.

A Dallas marital agreement lawyer can help you draft a valid prenup or postnup that will work best for everyone in the future.

Hire a Compassionate Dallas Family Attorney

A divorce or custody battle will cause turmoil with everyone who is involved. These issues can take time and significant effort to resolve. A family attorney in Dallas can provide the resources to help you reach agreements that benefit the entire family.

The other person you are facing will likely have strong legal representation. You shouldn’t face the situation alone. They will do everything possible to take advantage of you and do what is best for themselves.

You might want to get things over with as quickly as possible. Sometimes that is just not possible. You need a strong advocate who can talk you through the most difficult parts of family legal disputes.

Custody and Parenting Schedules in Dallas

You will have multiple options when approaching child custody and parenting schedules. Texas recognizes two distinct parts of custody: conservatorship and possession.

Conservatorship allows parents to make important decisions regarding a child, including medical care, education, and religion. Parents often share joint conservatorship. However, a parent may have sole conservatorship if the court determines it is appropriate.

Possession involves access to a child or with whom a child will live. There are various possession schedules that may be selected. In most cases, it is best for the parents to make an agreement on a parenting schedule. If they cannot, then a standard possession order (SPO) may be selected by the court.

You should fight for your parental rights with the help of an aggressive child custody lawyer like Ben Carrasco.

Child and Spousal Support in Dallas

Some of the most hotly disputed issues in divorce and separation cases involve financial support. Whether you are seeking or paying child support or spousal support (alimony), you likely have many questions about your rights and obligations. You need to speak with a support lawyer in Dallas who can answer those questions effectively.

Child support is common when one parent has majority possession of a child. A common order in Texas is 20% of monthly net income for a family with one child. That percentage increases with each child, up to 40% for families with six children. However, there may be reasons to deviate from this standard Texas child support calculation.

Spousal support is supposed to assist a party who cannot financially provide for their own reasonable needs at the end of a marriage. There are various lengths of time and amounts that the court might order. In many cases, a paying spouse will pay 20% of their gross income up to $5,000. It may be in everyone’s best interest to reach an agreement instead of allowing the judge to decide this amount.

Family Law Practice Areas

Dallas attorney Ben Carrasco focuses almost exclusively on family law. He has worked with clients with many legal challenges, including: